The first piece of advice I got when I bought my camera was to play with aperture. Spring seems to be the perfect time for really experimenting just to see the effect it can have on the small close-ups, bringing out the nascent buds and blossoms.

I’ve still got a lot to learn about it in broader views, and I’m browsing tonnes of tutorials on ISO and shutter speed to get a good grounding in light and exposure.

Please enjoy some of the winter-to-spring shots that have come out of phrambles (photo rambles) over the past month.

This has also been my first foray into post processing. I’ve got Lightroom as it seems to be a favourite for other photographers whose work I’ve enjoyed. These have all had a tiny tweak, I’m particularly fond of a nice vignette effect! I’m hoping to pick up more skills using Adobe TV’s free online video tutorials.

How is your spring going? Have you got any fun first buds pics?

Happy snapping, folks.


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