My first experimentations with a camera with a detachable and play-aroundable lens resulted in a lot of colourful photos similar to this, but mostly a lot less successful. Out of a possible twenty or so photos of my freshly erected Christmas tree in December, this is really the only one that came out resembling a tree, and where the lines of light went straight in, rather than in squiggly lines. I admit the picture is out of season, but then seasons are pretty ephemeral things, too, don’t you think?

The game came from a great Youtube tutorial that I stumbled across in the search for something else. I only wish I could remember who it was and how I found it as it was both entertaining and inspirational, my favourite combination. His examples were mostly neon-lit nightscapes in The Big Smoke – very atmospheric.

The trick itself is pretty simple: hold your camera in one hand, zoom in to the closest you want to get, set the shutter speed a little slow, snap the lens out as soon as you press the shutter release. Hey, presto! Glittering, squiggly lines aplenty!

Is this a technique you’ve tried? What tips would you give a beginner for a higher chance of success?

WordPress: The Daily Post Photo Challenge

Happy snapping, folks.


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