I’ve spent all week going crazy about the sudden explosion of spring blossom in every corner of my world, and this evening the full moon and the new-blossomed trees in my own front yard combined to highly pleasing effect. A full moon is always triply enjoyable because a) it looks lovely, b) it reminds me of Robert Louis Stevenson’s children’s poem, “The Moon,” and c) it reminds me of the Moon from the Mighty Boosh and his song.

I tried to capture the ghostly pale blossom framing the moon with my EF-S 18-55mm kit lens – currently my only lens. I have a great number of photos where everything is too dark to make out, other than the pinprick of the distant moon. I have a couple of photos where I switched my flash on and overexposed everything in the foreground. I have a couple more of experimental, ‘before and after Lightroom’ pictures, but I really haven’t got the foggiest clue what I’m doing in there yet, so they’re not worth much, either.

Above are the pick of the best. Below is the pick of the rest.

Did you enjoy the full moon?

bright moon before

bright moon before

Bright blossom after

Bright blossom after


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