Changdeokgung Palace, one of Seoul’s Famous Five historic sites, is best known for its Secret Garden.

The beautiful gardens to the rear of the grounds span the breadth of the palace itself and are built into a series of valleys. This is where the city centre begins to rise into the peaks beyond.

The gardens are great to visit in the spring to catch early buds and an array of blossom, and in the autumn when the dying foliage provides an equally stunning picture, as you might like to check out at the site of the intrepid Backpacker Lee.

I’ve also been experimenting tentatively with Lightroom some more. I took these hurriedly as the only way to access the garden is on a guided tour. It was also a very grey day, and when I checked my photos back, many were horribly over exposed and the beautiful colours were washed out by the sky.

Below are the originals. Which set do you prefer?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have you got any top tips for shooting on overcast days? How far is too far in post-processing?

Happy snapping, folks.


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