Fencing on the Han

Fencing on the Han

I’ve been back from my Laos jollies for a fortnight, so I realised it was high time I pulled my finger out and got back into Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness, a blog feature I enjoy checking out every week due to the fascinating variety within monochrome photography each week’s gallery offers.

Every Wednesday, a barrage of monochromatic photographic creativity is let loose in the blogosphere. Once a month, Leanne thinks up a theme which participants can choose to opt in to. This month, my interest was piqued by the very simple but effective theme of fences. My Monday phramble thusly took me to the Han river park where I knew I would find a range of fence-shaped barriers and safety aides.

The above photo was my submission for this week’s MM challenge. I was focused on the fence, so the man and the skyline (of Yeoido island on the south bank of the river) were a serendipitous bonus. In Lightroom, I heightened the shadows and highlights for contrast, applied a blue filter from the B&W presets, and added a light level of grain and a faint dark vignette at the edges. I like to call the resulting effect ‘Cartier-Bresson wannabe’ chic.

Below are a selection of my favourite cast-offs and also-rans from the phrambles, all straight from the camera. To see more Monochrome Madness from an array of talented individuals, click here for this week’s Monochrome Madness 2-9.

What unlikely source has fired your inspiration recently?

Happy snapping, folks.


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