Abandoned resort

Abandoned resort

It’s Monochrome Madness time again. This is a photo I took during the Lunar New Year holiday week in Sokcho on the East sea. On a walk around the Yeongnangho lake I came across this abandoned poolside area behind a fenced-off section of resort. I still don’t know whether this was the result of one harsh winter and the whole place would spring into life again in the summer season, or whether this crumbling old beauty has had its day in the sun and is merely awaiting demolition.

In Lightroom, I decided to highlight the faded romance of a forgotten playground by warming the tone a little, upping the contrast and shadows to bring out the grime and decay in the pool, and the looming menace of the trees, and add grain. I just like grain in black and white, I don’t know why.

I liked the overall effect, my Eagle-Eyed partner much preferred the original. In the gallery below I’ve included the original monochrome snap, the original colour snap, the main image ( as above ) and a ‘faded glory’ colour version where I decreased the contrast but highlighted the faded paint in the pool.

To see more Monochrome Madness from a stunning array of talented individuals, click here for Leanne Cole’s one and only, MMC 2-11.

Which do you prefer: au naturel or a good old tinkering?

Happy snapping, folks.


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