This month’s theme over at Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness is a very open one, which has made it very exciting and challenging. The theme, K, instantly struck a chord with me. I have developed a great love for Korea during my 18 months or so. This time is now drawing to a close, so I decided to try to capture the essence of Korea as I see it.

K is for Korea

K is for Korea

This is the very last photo I took on my recent two week north to south, west to east cycling adventure across Korea. I spent two weeks chasing the perfect image of cranes in rice paddies, mountains and lakes, ajummas and ajossies (old men and women) doing the rounds, and the ever-present clusters of apartment buildings. I stayed in the insane, neon-lit, “Vegas on crack”  love motel zones of six different towns and cities and composed neon lines that would look great in black and white. I tried to layer distant hills against riverbends and the endless trail. Then I turned around at the end of my last night at the beach, jumped off the bike to try and snap the Gwangan bridge, and caught this: the essence of my experience of Korea.

K is for Korea in colour

K is for Korea in colour

To see how other talented photographers interpreted the very loose theme of ‘K’, click here.

Below are some of my other close contenders for the week.

Happy snapping, folks.


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