Ladybird dinner

Ladybird dinner

An innocent photo of the flowers takes on the vibrancy of the struggle for survival.

This week, the WordPress folk urged us to get Close Up to a subject and see what details jumped out. It was only when I started to look at this photo that I realised that up close, I could see what the Ladybird was there for – I hadn’t noticed the innocent aphid sitting in the direct line of sight of this dangerous predator.

I also paid more attention to the wispy tendrils drifting from the buds of the plant, the delicate skein of spider’s web running from the bud to leaf, and the swarm of little black spots on its stalks. This ladybird isn’t going to go hungry any time soon, methinks. Nor is the little yellow and black spotted bug hiding out in the background!

Pitch in at the weekly photo party:

WordPress: The Daily Post Photo Challenge

Happy snapping, folks.


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