This month’s theme at Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness is Bridges. I hadn’t realised until the theme came up, but bridges are probably the mainstay of the collection of photos I’ve amassed over the past couple of years and I love taking photos of bridges wherever I find them. I live near some of the spectacular bridges over the Han river, all of which have featured in numerous snaps since I first moved here. I’m a sucker for ornamental bridges in small parks. In each of my many forays along the Cheonggye stream in downtown Seoul a couple of the squat, stone road bridges have always snuck in on the scene.

Yanghwa Bridge, Seoul

Yanghwa Bridge, Seoul

Then there was my week long cycling trip across Korea on a cycling trail which followed the route of three major rivers and their spanking new dams – all shiny new showcase pieces of the government’s controversial Four Rivers water conservation project. Each dam was also a handy rest stop for cyclists, so obviously I took rests and plenty of photos of each one.

Thinking further back, I realised that I do love a good bridge. I have clear memories of crossing the Menai bridge on a trip to Anglesey, but little memory of where I was coming from and what I did when I got to the island. I know I’ve gone out of my way in the past to see the Forth Road bridge in Edinburgh and the Clifton suspension bridge in Bristol. I’ve always loved the huge curve of the Barton bridge over the Manchester ship canal, and its diminutive neighbour the Barton Road swing bridge. In fact, any bridge that opens up to let traffic through I will stand and watch for ages in the vain hope that it happens while I’m there.

Perhaps it’s the presence of flowing water nearby that makes bridges so appealing. Where there’s a good bridge there’s usually ducks, or waterfalls, or a laser display, lightshow or fireworks such as can be seen at the Gwang-an bridge in Busan. Maybe it’s a fascination with the feats of engineering bridges represent. Spanning over a kilometre of river with a six or eight lanes of commuter traffic can surely be no easy feat. Maybe it’s just childish glee at the prospect of boats. I don’t know. Whatever it is, I’m glad to have discovered a grand passion I’d never previously suspected.

For some more great bridges by an array of talented photographers, see this week’s Monochrome Madness contributions. For more bridges I have known and loved, have a look in the gallery below.

What’s your favourite immovable object to photograph? 

Happy snapping, folks.


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