Ridiculously, I’ve been almost too busy to get out much with the camera recently. Almost. In fact, planning a couple of photo rambles has been one thing which has kept me relatively sane and given me some down-time. Some of which I’ve spent on the river at night testing out my nascent night-shooting skills. This gave me a couple of good, night time contenders for this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge: Creepy.

One week after my first venture out to snap the after-dark skyline, it was Independence Day, or Liberation Day, or ‘Regaining the Light’ day, as it literally translates from the Korean, given that Korea was actually independent for thousands of years before a brief period of occupation in the early 20th century. I took the opportunity to further indulge night skills and also have my first proper go at fireworks.

The photos show the lack of artistry, but some great unexpected abstracts and creepy, ghoul-shaped images came out. I’ve changed some of my favourite ghostly abstracts into monochrome as per this week’s Challenge.

Creepy orbs on the river

Creepy orbs on the river

Below, I’ve included some of my other favourites from the night. Some where I like the straggly blur, some where I like the clash of shapes and colours, some where I actually managed to capture the starburst of an explosion.

Get creepy with the WordPress family:

WordPress: The Daily Post Photo Challenge

Happy snapping, folks.


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