It’s been a busy couple of months for me with a cross-continental move, and a busy couple of months for Leanne Cole with her trip to the States, which has of course occasioned some great photos of some iconic landmarks. However, Monochrome Madness is now back, and so is my eagerness to participate with the themed entry to kick start the month: country.

Country walk at sunset

Country walk at sunset

I’ve been pretty city based for quite some time, so I decided once again to reach into the archives from June’s cross-country cycling trip to pull out some non bike-related shots which I hadn’t found occasion to share in my cycling adventure diary.

This was one from the fifth riding day. I stopped for the night in the tiny but charming town of Namji, around halfway between the cities of Daegu and my final destination, Busan. It was the  end of a very tiring day’s ride in which I cycled over more hills than I care to remember, all through quite stunning countryside.

The final descent of the day brought me down through rice paddies lit by golden afternoon sun to this gorgeous river. The other side featured rocky cliffs and a half-hidden temple from which a serene looking Buddha watched over the gentle flow of country life.

Fishermen fished, cyclists cycled, walkers walked, and couples took selfies on the bridges. Well, some things are the same everywhere! See other interpretations of ‘country’ on this week’s Monochrome Madness.

Where do you find beauty; the stillness of the country or the urban sprawl?

Happy snapping, folks.


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