It’s high time for another dip into Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness. I’ve had little opportunity to venture out with the camera, but a good woman can’t be kept down. Neither can a not-that-good-but-VERY-enthusiastic-amateur-photographer woman.

Intrigued by the wildlife that surrounds me in my new abode, I’ve whipped out the telephoto lens a couple of time to track the various bugs that call my home their home – or is it their home that I’m calling my home? Probably the latter. I spend a good half hour in the tiny backyard when I spotted not one, but three of these tiny lizards, no longer than 2 inches from snout to tail-tip. I had to get out the Big Guns and take advantage of their ability to stand absolutely, unblinkingly still in the face of danger.

What I ended up with was a roll of blur and fuzz, and then this absolute gem of an action-lizard portrait.

Backyard friends

Backyard friends

As ever, I strongly recommend you bob over to Leanne Cole’s blog to check out all of this week’s amazing monochrome entries here.

What’s living in your back yard?

Happy snapping, folks.


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