Not only is it time for another themed Monochrome Madness, but as it’s December a month of themed MMC commences. Let the jingle bells ring!



This week’s picture comes from my first couple of weeks in Chiang Mai, the only time I have had thus far to explore (although as this post publishes, I should be about to sit my exam, thus concluding this period of intense-study-to-the-exclusion-of-all-other-worldly-pursuits, huzzah!)

A trip up the nearby mountain, Doi Suthep, to the temple perched on the shoulder of the hill overlooking the city provided some cooler air on a hot September afternoon. It also provided some peace and respite from the busy streets below, and a number of beautiful sights and corners for quiet reflection and contemplation.

Bells were in plentiful evidence. The larger bells are temple bells and there are rows of them strung alongside the temple buildings. The smaller bells are devotions and offerings left by visitors. If the monks pass your bell and contemplate it, luck will come your way!

For more bells from an array of talented photographers, check out this week’s Monochrome Madness over at Leanne Cole Photography. The whole month will be themed, so pop back next Wednesday for some Santa / Elf themed Monochrome December Madness!

Happy snapping, folks.






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