Straight roads of Da Nang

Straight roads of Da Nang

Theme time has whipped around again on Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness in what may be the penultimate theme of this MMC year’s collection. In contrast to last month’s curves, this month’s theme is straight. I’ve been looking out for lines and edges all month and realised that I take a lot of pictures of nature, and that nature isn’t a huge fan of straight.

The picture above was taken on a trip to the marvellous natural phenomenon of the Marble Mountains in Danang, central Vietnam. The five conspicuous limestone outcrops flank the southern road into the city. From the top of the largest there’s a precarious viewpoint which offers a 360° view of the city, the mountains, and the ocean, including the famous surf of China beach.The mountains themselves offered luscious curves and mysterious grottoes and caves. The city offers the neat grid plan of one of the largest cities in Vietnam, possibly on the verge of a building and investment boom that will change it immeasurably. The distant towers of the port and downtown area are fabulously lit by night, as are the gleaming bridges which line the river Han. The neat and empty lots along right of the picture, close to the sea, will not be empty for long. Many are fenced off for building, the fences adorned by huge prints of luxury villas, hotels and spas.

Perhaps being the ugly younger sibling of the picturesque UNESCO world heritage town of Hoi An, only 20km down the road, has saved Danang from the tour bus swarms. Danang is certainly a secret the local expat community, and particularly the surfers, are keen to keep from the world for as long as possible.

However, newly opened up to foreign investment, with miles of uninterrupted soft, sandy beach, great surf, a vibrant city, and the luscious nearby mountains, I doubt it will stay under the radar for much longer.

For more takes on ‘straight’, see this week’s MMC over at Leanne Cole Photography.

What’s your favourite hidden gem?

Happy snapping, folks.




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