Kimchi pots

Kimchi pots

It’s been quite a while since I shared photos from some of my phrambles – the walks I take when I have a burning desire to photograph things.

This set was taken on a photo-ramble with a photography buddy in Seoul in the hilly area of Haebangchon, just south of Namsan and just west of Itaewon. The kimchi jars above mark the start of the area where the hills begin. Just over the road from the increasingly ex-pat dominated and boutique-coffeeshopped-up Kyeongnidan, this little enclave is equally popular with foreign residents, but still remains (aside from the main street) largely residential in nature.

The view over Seoul’s central Jong-no area and out to the hills of Bukhansan from the top are great on a clear day. Otherwise, pottering up and down the winding alleyways, camera in hand, is a perfectly pleasant way to spend a couple of hours.

Here are seven views of the neighbourhood.

Happy snapping, folks.


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