Liverpool; a place with so many associated names and tags I don’t know whether to go for grandiose or let my inner Mancunian out with bald mockery, so I’ll just call it… Liverpool.

I managed a lot of touristy sightseeing in my own country over the Christmas and new year period this year and thought I’d share some wintry visions of the streets and sights of Liverpool. With such an historic city, it’s impossible to capture all it has to offer in one short day-trip, but as I was playing tour-guide, I got to revisit some of the classic sights.

In the five years since I was last there, Liverpool’s fortunes have certainly changed. Hundreds of thousands of euros in investment from the European Union and development projects from Liverpool Capital of Culture 2008 have revitalised crumbling, historic edifices. The financial crash has equally dramatically (although far less happily) changed the face of areas such as the previouly colourful, independent Bold street, now lined with ubiquitous supermarket ‘Express’ stores and branches of Greggs and Subway.

Some sights, however, will forever remain. From the iconic docks and the Yellow Submarine, to the twin towers of the Anglican and Catholic cathedrals, and the imposing monolithic St. George’s Hall in the centre of the city, here are a few shots of the day.

Happy snapping, folks.


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